Dogs can detect covid-19 with 90% accuracy even in asymptomatic individuals

Specially trained dogs can detect covid-19 with high accuracy even in asymptomatic individuals. At airports, their deployment would bring significant clarification and speed up controls. It has previously been shown that dogs can detect, for example, some tumors, malaria or epilepsy. New research by experts from the British London School of Tropical Medicine has now confirmed that dogs can also detect covid-19.
Claire Guest and her colleagues wanted to see if dogs could detect patients with pandemic coronavirus who did not show signs of the disease. These asymptomatic patients pose a high risk in a pandemic because they can unknowingly spread the disease without anyone noticing. Researchers collected sock samples from 200 people with covid-19 who had either asymptomatic disease or symptoms of the disease. The samples were then used in tests, which were attended by a total of 6 dogs with special training.
Dogs were generally very successful in the experiments, even in samples from people with asymptomatic disease. They were able to detect 82 to 94 percent of those infected with covid-19.